Sunday, 23 September 2012

Its been a while

Ok its been a while, it seems to have taken me SUCH a long time to get back into the swing of normal life after our holibobs this year. Life seems to be taking over and my to do list is growing daily, so much so that most of my new things 'to do' im not even getting time to write them on!

We had a great holiday, we all REALLY needed the break, although it was erm... not so relaxing with our 2 monsters. It was enjoyed by us all though and it was nice to get some sun after such a wet british summer.

We did all sorts, boat trips, exploring what Turkey has to offer and LOTS and LOTS of swimming. Seth got very confident and was happy to jump in and go underwater by the end of our holiday, and Olivia is now confidently swimming in deep water.

We had a horrific delay on the way back of 7hrs which was a very very frustrating end to the holiday and we've never been so happy to be back in our own beds :)

It all seems so long ago now, funny how a holiday fades so quickly into the background once normal life resumes, still heres to the next one and everything life has for us in between :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

In Real Life

Sunday was a surreal day for me, but a great day.

Its something that not all people 'get' but those that do, are special people indeed. I travelled to Birmingham, 2 children in tow, to meet a group of ladies, with their children whom i have shared the last 3 years with.

The thing about these friendships though was that we had never actually 'met', in real life. We have shared our lives with our children (all born in the same month and year) since our toddlers were just tiny flutters in our tummys until now, fully grown mischeif.

Sam, who i decided was either awesome or maybe crazy to agree to having a bunch of Mums all armed with their terrible (lovely) 2's and various older/younger children, was our host for the day! And a very good host she was, she took the chaos in her stride and fed us too :) Her husband wasn't so bad either ;) he kept my little mischeif extremely happy, as he owns a real motorbike and he even let him sit on it, and try his helmet on!

The 2 year olds were suprisingly well behaved, and the older children got on really well, i think we only saw them for about 2 minutes out of the whole day! The younger babies were very sweet and squishy :) And were happy to be passed round for various people to coo over without too many tears :)

Now onto the Mummies! Well what do i say about these wonderful ladies, we talk everyday in virtual world, and it was just like bringing that world to life, they were the same funny, caring and amazing people except i could hug them, and laugh with them, it was great and i have a feeling we will be wanting to do it again very soon :) Hopefully a few more can join us this time, who unfortunatly couldnt make it this time round as each one of them is a valued friend.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Day with Thomas (And the in laws)

We took a trip out to Butterly Station on Saturday and Thomas the Tank Engine was there. Well not the real Thomas obviously but Seth was satisfied it was and thats what matters :)
Paul was working AGAIN he seems to be doing A LOT of that at the moment and we are missing him at home, ready for him to break up in 3 days!

As he was working i went with his Parents for the day. It was a lovely day actually, Olivia had a few moans, like she does, shes a tough one to satisfy, but Seth had great fun and didnt want to leave.

IMG_0831 by tinkerbellkirst

Saturday, 4 August 2012

This Cat of Ours

I realised after my first post that i forgot to mention a small but rather important member of our family.

Belle the cat.

We bought Belle from a litter of Kittens when we moved into our house over 1 and a half years ago now. The children chose her, and you know what i think they made a good choice.

Shes very placid, and so good with the children. She allows Olivia to stroke her regularly but would run away from Seth until recently. She withstood a good 5 minutes of Seth's stroking (patting) this morning, but started to get a bit agitated after 2 kisses and enough was enough when he tried to hug! But she just got up and off she went. Shes never scratched the children or hissed at them, we all love her dearly and our familhy wouldnt be the same without her in it.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Nursery Disco

Today was the nursery disco, I'm not sure what happened to Seth but he came over all quick footed and funky dancing! I do have a video of it, its a good one an 18th birthday or first girlfriend style one, but i wont share as there are other people's children on there too, its dark so you can't really see them, but i'll keep it to myself all the same, sorry guys!

Olivia got upset at loosing some of the games, this is a frequent occurence at the moment, oh well one of lifes hard lessons i suppose, usually a cuddle and a reassuring sqeeze sorts it out :) I guess some people are just sore loosers and shes one of them.

It was a nice evening, something different to do, with the children which was really nice. Seth requested to not have a story at bedtime and we've not heard a peep from Olivia since putting her to bed, i think a good night was had by all :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

That Sibling Thing

So, were seeing a lot of that sibling thing at the moment, you know that fighting and arguing that seems to be ALL the time. I feel like im breaking up at least a fight a minute, were getting a lot of
'i wish i didnt have a brother' and 'my little brother is stupid'

But then.......

They do this

And i smile, and remind myself the fights are normal and that tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Heres an introduction for all of those who may not know me, my family and what we are all about.

I am Kirsty 23, a part time worker, and a full time Mum, I live with my Fiancee Paul 26 who is a full time worker and full time Dad, although as most parents will know the paid job is much easier than the parenting one!

We have 2 children Olivia 6 who is at full time school and Seth 2 who goes to a childminder while i work and spends the other days at home with me.

I decided to write a blog to get out all my ramblings and also to keep a sort of diary so i dont forget the small things that make life so wonderful.