Sunday, 23 September 2012

Its been a while

Ok its been a while, it seems to have taken me SUCH a long time to get back into the swing of normal life after our holibobs this year. Life seems to be taking over and my to do list is growing daily, so much so that most of my new things 'to do' im not even getting time to write them on!

We had a great holiday, we all REALLY needed the break, although it was erm... not so relaxing with our 2 monsters. It was enjoyed by us all though and it was nice to get some sun after such a wet british summer.

We did all sorts, boat trips, exploring what Turkey has to offer and LOTS and LOTS of swimming. Seth got very confident and was happy to jump in and go underwater by the end of our holiday, and Olivia is now confidently swimming in deep water.

We had a horrific delay on the way back of 7hrs which was a very very frustrating end to the holiday and we've never been so happy to be back in our own beds :)

It all seems so long ago now, funny how a holiday fades so quickly into the background once normal life resumes, still heres to the next one and everything life has for us in between :)

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